Personal Training

Dear athlete,

    It is time to talk about us. Due to our position-as Personal Trainers-allow us to have the power to embrace your needs and beliefs inside the gym. But only with your help we are in position to asset and orientate better in respect to your goals and long-terms needs about your body's evolution.

     On the other side-the side of the Instructors- our way of thinking on the accomplishment of your goals becomes a personal case. The trust that you will show us can only be an honour for our gym network since we are liable to our 12 years old motto: We spend our time changing lives, your life. To achieve this goal, we introduce you to some of our special traits:


    All trainers on Elixir Gym Network possess specialised knowledge on the functions of the human body, needs and how it responds to various triggers.


     The full understanding of the exercises, the correct execution and the adaptation of a healthy lifestyle is a result of the transmissible trainer towards the trainee. This is due to the healthy bounds between these two, as well as our inspiration towards you. Our goal is the best possible service in terms of a healthy collaboration with ultimate goal to improve your life.

     Elixir Gym Network possesses a high variety of high tech equipment on training methods such as Pilates, Functional training and free weight training. It offers you a unique management system of a weekly schedule,Virtuagym, where you can moderate your training program on cooperation with your Trainer. In addition, through this application you can validate your appointments on our team trainings.

     Organisation, systematization and the smooth funcitonality of the gym, coming from the us of Virtuagym and from the healthy relationship between the members of Elixir Team are visible to you, through every training session. Besides…


We spend our time changing lives... Your Life!