Studio Pilates

Pilates is full of contradictions, is strangely hard and at the same time ethereal, at the same time simple and complex. Some people immediately perceive and appreciate the results of the method from the first time they experience it. Others are of the opinion that it is a repetitive and boring exercise. But when they spend some months doing the same exercise they suddenly find access to new information about their body. Whatever the initial view, the result remains the same: the body is transformed. Pilates itself used to say that "in 5 lessons you start to feel the difference, in 10 lessons the others feel it, in 20 lessons you have a completely new body."

The Pilates method focuses on the symmetrical posture of the body, the control of breathing, the strengthening of the abdomen, the stabilization of the spine, pelvis and shoulder. It also focuses on muscle flexibility, joint mobility and strength through the overall motion range. It treats the body as a whole for this and does not cause injuries. Something that makes the method an excellent means of restoring injuries and chronic diseases.

In 1945, in an effort to become known to the general public, Pilates published his first book "Return to life through Contrology". There he presented the ground exercises program. They are specific exercises inspired by various types of gymnastics such as gymnastics, yoga, etc., which are paired with concentrated respiratory habits.

It could be described as an autonomous method of training and undoubtedly constitutes an important supplement for functional body training as well as a natural remedy. The Pilates method teaches us ideal things for our body, which we can translate into our everyday life. Even an athlete can benefit a lot from the knowledge of this method. Pilates himself was also a boxer, acrobat, skier, etc.

The exercises of the method are divided into levels so they are ideal for every level of physical fitness. Someone who has not done any exercise and abhors the weights or aerobics can improve his strength and aerobic capacity through the pilates. On the other hand, if someone is already practicing, the Pilates method will help him do his athletic activity better.

What are the benefits of Pilates?

-increased respiratory capacity and blood circulation

-strengthening the muscles of the trunk


-body and spirit coordination

-correct posture


-muscle splicing

-bone density and healthy joints

-increase of mobility

-positive body awareness

-effective movement

-functional application of the technique in everyday life (functional exercise) and improvement of everyday life.

The Pilates method is the world's best method of restoring spinal cord diseases, but is also a method of prevention for the modern world of sedentary life. Suitable for all ages, men and women, even if they have never been trained, who want to be in good physical condition.

Personal Training  Pilates Equipment

In a special place and with equipment capable of hosting full-motion moves, it is great for increasing flexibility and for building strength. Pilates Studio workout cultivates muscle length and trains the body. Exercises provide resistance to movement and help build strong bones. Training in Pilates Studio develops strength in the core and promotes balance. With a strong core we have a better balance, posture. Suitable training for anyone at any level of fitness.

Semi Personal Training Pilates Equipment

“Your group”

The small Pilates group combines the benefits of proper Pilates body posture and a more intensive cardio-respiratory exercise intensity, delivering very fast and personalized results according to your personal goal. Using equipment such as Reformer, Chair, Arc, Motr, SpringBoard, and BOSU during the lesson, you will feel your heart work and your muscles grow stronger at the same time. It is aimed at children, men and women of all ages, as well as to athletes who want not only specialized empowerment according to their sport but also improve their performance - performance by incorporating Pilates' technique for a more challenging, safe and intense workout. Springs, levers, ropes, and body weight are used as resistance, while movements aimed at specific muscle groups are performed. The lessons consist of controlled movements, with a flow where the muscles work through a complete range of motion. Consequence: exercise safely leads you to increased fitness levels and a better quality of life.

Make your own group with your friends and work out together!

Semi Personal Training Pilates Equipment 2-8 άτομα

Circular workout on Pilates Studio equipment is a safe training method with resistors that maximizes the volume of work you produce in 1 hour of training. It is a unique form of exercise that promises a quality lifestyle with fewer injuries and musculoskeletal pains. A unique form of exercise for the treatment, rehabilitation and prevention of injuries and diseases. Your cardiovascular endurance is increasing and your body is able to burn more calories not only during exercise but up to 48 hours after training.

Functional & Athletic Pilates

A unique, dynamic workout with elements from the Pilates method and the principles of functional training.
A dynamic power, equilibrium and alignment lesson.
What does it offer? - Why is it one of the most ideal ways to exercise?
The muscles exercise power to overcome resistance. Exercise results include increasing muscle strength, size and strength along with a stronger connective tissue. By increasing muscle strength, your muscles are able to exercise more power for long periods of time. Increased durability enables you to perform your daily tasks without fatigue. Additional benefits include improving muscle tone as your muscles are lengthened and strengthened without showing bulky but instead skewed and scarred.
Increased core-center strength
Exercise at Pilates Studio requires proper position and technique. The focus of the right placement comes from the core, that is, from the muscles of your abdomen and back. By preparing your kernel muscles, it's working together to get your spine to stabilize and align. A strong core will increase the effectiveness of all exercises through your ability to maintain the right posture of your body. The strength of your kernel increases your ability to produce strength in your muscles, reducing the risk of injury.
Improved body posture
Exercise sessions at Pilates studio will strengthen your muscles so there is improvement in support and stabilization of your spine. Any muscle imbalance will be corrected, thus reducing the risk of injury, especially in the spine and neck. Awareness of the right posture during exercise will be intimate so that it can be accidentally transferred to the movements you make in your everyday life.